Is Pandora online store legitimate?

Nadia Cawley was left stunned when she ordered some charms for her sister with the intention of hiding them in her Christmas decorations. A friend of Ms Cawley had seen a box of charms for sale online for £11 which were inspired by George. I placed the order online as a trial and was surprised by how reasonable the price was so I went ahead with it. One of my best friends ordered few charms for her daughter and mother as well as some for her own jewelry. But when all of these people had not received the charms by Christmas Day, they complain online for this site. And these happened regularly, So be careful before order. I suggested you to buy retired pandora charms from trusted verified website.

Some of the websites are hard to spot as fakes

Others are offering items up to 70 per cent off of the Pandora website and some shoppers have been left out of pocket The woman from Northern Ireland had clicked on the address link of the website, assuming that she was buying from a trusted site. She says she didn’t realise the website looked like a fake until she was sent her virtual Pandora charm. When she rang the number listed as a seller and the person on the other end of the line spoke with a foreign accent she began to panic, quickly exchanging the ring for £235 cash sccbuzz.

What is the Pandora Scam Sites Facebook page and who set it up?

In March, a Facebook page was set up by someone calling themselves Pandora Media Support to ‘show Pandora what people were saying about it’. It is littered with comments from worried fans who have been scammed and provide a thread of ways to spot if the site is biographypark.

Do they look like they are a recognised Pandora retailer?

If they’re still available for sale on the web they’re probably fake. Some of the fake websites look almost identical to the genuine Pandora website and are offering up to 70 per cent off the normal retail price.

What shall I do if I’ve bought something from a fake website?

If you suspect you have purchased a fake you should contact the retailer, who will know if there is a problem with the purchase. If the retailer is not helpful, then you can approach the Office of Fair Trading, Trading Standards or even the police. Always check the contact details and customer care details on a website. It may be a little time consuming but all the tips will help you make sure you get what you paid for. If you have bought a genuine Pandora item, you should get your refund directly from the online store, and you can get a full refund within 30 days. They should then advise you when the items will be sent out. Another one to check is that you are buying the real version, rather than a knock off version howitstart

Never buy jewellery that has not been tested by the maker.

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