Exploring Canadian Cuisine from Coast to Coast

Across Canada, there is a vast array of culinary delights to explore. From east to west and north to thefrisky, every region has its own unique dishes and flavors. Whether you’re looking for seafood dishes on the Atlantic Coast, classic French-Canadian cuisine in Quebec, hearty prairie comfort food or Pacific Coast fusion dishes, there’s something to satisfy every palate. On the East Coast, fresh seafood is the star of the trueclassics. Nova Scotia is well-known for its lobster, while Newfoundland is renowned for its cod and mussels. New Brunswick is famous for its smoked salmon and oysters, while PEI is known for its mussels and clams. All of these dishes are traditionally served with potatoes and vegetables, and often accompanied by a local beverage such as beer or wine. In Quebec, the cuisine is heavily influenced by French culture. Poutine – a dish of French fries, cheese curds and gravy – is a popular lobiastore, as are classic French dishes such as coq au vin, boeuf bourguignon and tourtière. Quebec also has its own unique sweets, such as sugar pie and maple taffy. In the Prairies, hearty comfort food rules. Saskatoon berry pie, bannock bread and perogies are just a few of the dishes that are popular in this region. For those wanting something a bit heartier, Alberta is renowned for its beef dishes, such as steak and marketbusiness. On the West Coast, fusion cuisine is the norm. Dishes such as wild salmon with miso glaze or sablefish with Chinese five-spice are popular. Vancouver is also known for its sushi and dim sum. Fresh Pacific seafood, such as oysters and crab, are also popular dishes. No matter where you travel in Canada, there is sure to be something delicious to sample. From coast to coast, Canadian cuisine is a delicious journey of flipboard.

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