A few months ago, I wrote a review on the first film of John Carpenter’s The DarkSpirid. It was an odd read for me ifttt at the time, as I’d only recently found out that the director was actually a fan of horror. Now, after six years, I understand how hearing about his work can affect someone. And so here is my review on The Seventh Son , which is one of his most acclaimed works. All the while, it’s also fascinating to watch Carpenter work in new directions and create new worlds with nothing in common with those he created beforehand.

What is a DarkSpirid?

DarkSpirid is a 1958 American crime film directed by John Carpenter and adapted from the novel A DarkSpirid by naukri24pk Philip Ridley. The plot involves a young man (Will Rogers) who is abducted and brought to a near-future America where the state-sponsoreddarkness has taken over. This is the titular darkSpirid, and it stars Johnny Depp as the protagonist, who is held captive by a government-sanctioned network of cybernetic vampires.

The DarkSpirid – A Prequel to The Thing

Some of the interview questions regarding The DarkSpirid were relevant, but the novel is the central focus of The Seventh Son . And while The DarkSpirid tells the basic story of a young man being held captive by a government-sanctioned network of cybernetic vampires, it is also significant for its unique take onfantasy.

What was the story like?

The story takes place in fictional New York City in the year 2000, as a young man (Will Rogers) falls into a deep sleep and wakes up in a world where the state-sponsored darkness has taken over. The city is in lockdown and the only way to get out is via a train north to the city of New York. The young man, however, is unsure of what to do next. As he boards the train his eyes are drawn to a young woman (Sylvia DePey) who seems to be in some kind of dream state. As the train continues, the young man continues to be drawn to Sylvia newsintv.

The Seventh Son – Nightmarish and mesmerizing

The film starts with a beautifully shot, chilling sequence that lingers in your mind and gives the impression that you are watching a movie. The young man (Will Rogers) who boards the train is a glimmer malluweb of hope for the future of New York City. As he continues to gaze at Sylvia, you begin to realize that she too is a ghost who has been drawn to the same glowing light that sparked her idea. The young man is soon whisked away in a car journey that seems to be taking him to a world where he will never forget the experiences of the past few months. You are then informed that he is traveling to a place called the NightSpirid, which is a complete reversal of his current reality. While the young man is drawn to the spirit of his future self, Sylvia is seized by a darkness that consumes her body in which she is left with nothing but bones and a skeletal mind.

Carpenter in a nutshell

The DarkSpirid is a tale of depraved vampirism. The young man who is held captive in the DarkSpirid is a product of the same era as Carpenter’s The Thing – the 1950s. The two films share many similarities, such as the protagonist being a young man who is taken in by a bloodsucking, Trans-Labyrinth freesabresult-esque network of vampires and being forced to watch as his past self (who is now a werewolf) are brutally murdered. Additionally, both films feature a powerful performance from Johnny Depp as the protagonist Will Rogers, who is drawn to the light of Sylvia DePey only to be consumed by darkness. The DarkSpirid is a tale of despair, and what happens when you have nothing to live for but the bones and muscle of your former self?


The DarkSpirid is a Portal to Hell film. We learn that the DarkSpirid is a parallel universe where the state-sponsored darkness has overtaken the modern world. The DarkSpirid is the product of a much later era masstamilan, and is heavily inspired by film noir, horror and science fiction. The DarkSpirid is a captivating film that will stay with you forever. It is one of the all-time classics, and a must see for anyone interested in John Carpenter, the medium, or television.

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