What results to expect from Butt Lifters?

Women often look for ways to enhance their booty and may have discovered shapewear for that. But, the main question arises here do the best body shaper and butt lifter really work?

Well, butt lifters offer your booty a lift physically without doing any butt exercises for hours. Crafted out of a thicker compression material that covers their pelvis and upper legs, the cheek area may be open or covered with a thin fabric. It is done to make your booty round and keep the rest of the bottom smoothed out.

Butt lifters are functional as the compression fabric physically lifts your buttocks and makes it look perkier and rounder. The compression on the legs enhances the more rounded appearance and smoothens the thighs below the butt, making your bottom look bigger.

Types of butt lifters

Butt lifters are available in different forms including bodysuits, shaper shorts and butt lifter straps. The shapers are available in different lengths right from mid-thigh, knee-length, panty length etc. Select the length depending on the dress you are going to wear it on. Tummy control butt lifter straps are the best high-waist design for shorter dresses, while mid-thigh butt lifters are recommended for middy and other dresses. You can also choose butt lifting leggings for pants.

Usually butt lifters are high-waist to smooth your tummy area. All of them are decked with anti-roll technology to prevent rolling on the stomach and legs.

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Butt lifters come with open and closed backs. You can choose any as per your need.

Best Butt Lifters

Invisible body shaper with butt lifter

Well, the full body shaper with butt lifter doesn’t just keep your tummy, waist and back bulge in control but also smooth your thighs and legs while giving your butt a lift. They are recommended for full-length dresses and provide complete freedom of movement. The adjustable straps offer flexibility and comfort.

Butt lifter shaper short

If you need a short booty shaper to go invisible under your dress, then these butt lifter shaper shorts are the best option for you. They sculpt your thighs and prevent chafing and the mesh fabric on the cheeks offers flexibility for a better and comfier wear.

Strapless body shaper with butt lifter

The butt lifting bodysuits offer firm compression for support and contouring. The bust area is open so you can choose your own bra.

Tummy control butt lifter straps

If you need a natural and amazing butt lift, then this is the best option for you. It will instantly provide you the lift you need. The straps make it adjustable to achieve desired butt lift. The high-waist design flattens your belly and waistline and sculpts and lifts your complete torso. They are comfortable to wear under any dress. Wear it all day or for special occasions, the choice is yours.

SculptShe is your one-stop solution to buy the best body shaper as per your body size, requirement and preference. Pick any shapewear and boost your confidence and feel great in your body.

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