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4 factors need to consider when build a house  บริษัทรับสร้างบ้าน  and choosing a roof style that is suitable for a house in Thailand

  1. There should be enough eaves to prevent sunlight and rain from splashing through the windows on all four sides especially in the west, which is the sunniest during day time.
  2. The roof should not be too large and there should be enough slope to allow rainwater to flow down easily in order to prevent water from leaking into the roof and make trouble for house.
  3. The layout of the roof should not be too complicated. Because there will be a problem of water leakage at the joint of the roof.
  4. The space under the roof must be large enough so that the high-flying hot air does not pass quickly to the room below and must have ventilation to allow hot air under the roof to flow outside the house. Therefore, there should be a distance between the ceiling and the roof at least 30 centimeters. It may make ventilation holes at the gable of the roof or ceiling at the eaves and may install insulation under the roof as well. Generally, the area under the roof should have enough space to install equipment of various systems such as electrical systems, air conditioning systems.

roof style

Gable Roof

The roof has two slopes colliding at the highest end of the roof, high ridge in the middle. It is the roof of the house builders รับสร้างบ้าน  commonly built in tropical zone which suitable for the hot and humid air flow. Because there will be a lot of air mass under the roof it is like a good insulator. If the vents are drilled on both sides of the gable, the hot air will flow better. This type of construction is easy and good for sun protection.

Some parts of the roof may be modified to look different from a normal gable roof, such as trimming the end of the roof to make it rounded. The two sides of the eaves are not the same length or designing the roof on both sides to have unequal slopes. These ideas create a unique and interesting roof which can still protect the sun and rain as well.

Hip Roof

This type of roof has four or more sloping sides colliding with each other. It has been popular since the past to the present. It able to protect from sun and rain on all sides, beautiful, resistant to the impact of wind well. But there is no gable to ventilate hot air. Therefore, it may be solved by attaching slats around the eaves. However, this type of roof has more connection points than other types of roofs which may cause more leakage problems if the installer is inexperienced. You can visit here to know about the taylorsource. On the other hand, you can also get more essential info on forexrenkocharts

The beauty to the end of the eaves, additional features or details may be added to make the roof look more attractive by using steel, aluminum or wood to cover the end keep the joints of the eaves and the end of the last tile or roofing material. But the material used must be durable and can be exposed to the sun and rain.

Lean – To Roof

A roof with a sloping degree on only one side. In the past, it may be used for temporary construction or simple building renovation work such as patio, living room, garage or kitchen. Nowadays, this roof style is popular in all types of buildings. Because it is easy to build, has few joints and looks modern, and the roof structure is not as complicated as other types of roofs. Thus, saving the cost of roof structure, labor cost and time, but may actually block the sun or rain in only one direction. (The side where the roof slopes lower), however, may be modified by adding battens or awnings to the higher side.

Vents under the roof eaves cool the house as already mentioned, heat is accumulated in the area under the roof. Finding a way to vent those hot air out will help cool the house. It is recommended to design the roof eaves around the house as slats. The material can be used both real wood, synthetic wood and fiber cement board. By leaving a groove about 1 centimeter wide to allow the wind to vent. Don’t forget to put a net on the ceiling to keep out insects.

Butterfly Roof

This type of roof consists of two canopy roofs facing each other on the lower side. This type is not suitable for the rainy climate like Thailand. Because there must be gutters to support rainwater from both sides of the roof which has a high chance of leakage except for buildings that want unique characteristics that look strange, they may be solved by making the gutter wider and deeper in order to be able to drain the precipitation of our home in time.

Flat Slab Roof

Most of them are concrete roofs. It is flat in the same plane as the ground. But there must be a slight slope to pour into the holes that are drilled to drain the rainwater out or pour it to the roof drain (Roof Drain). Commonly, used to build the roof of buildings in the type of commercial buildings, condos and modern-style houses. The roof can be fully functional, such as placing a water tank, drying clothes, sitting and gardening, but this type of roof absorbs heat and receives rainwater directly. Therefore, it must have good waterproofing, such as mixing waterproofing agent in concrete during the pouring of the roof. Once the concrete has dried, reapply flint coat waterproofing. Precast concrete should not be used for roofing because there are joints which may cause leakage and if you want to reduce heat problems it is recommended to install a solar lab on the roof including installing insulation above the ceiling in the room. More Information Click Here: sttmag

Free Form Roof

It is a roof that is not in geometry designed to make the roof and the building stand out. This type of roofing material needs flexibility. And able to twist the frame and support the shape of the roof, such as Asphalt Shingle or Metal Sheet, but the unusual roof shape may cause leakage easily as well. Craftsmen must be skilled enough and use craftsmanship in their construction. For More Information Visit this site: views360

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