Health Public Policy means guidelines for the performance of government or projects established by the government and affecting the health system of people in society. The goal is to create a social and physical environment conducive to good health and quality of life. And aims to provide people with choices and access to healthy alternatives. A good public health policy must be in line with the actual values ​​and needs of the people. When implemented with efficiency and effectiveness must ensure people have equal health and good quality of life and must not result in people suffering, poverty, and deteriorating quality of life.

The policy amendments to the Narcotic Drugs Act relating to the use of CBD kaufen for medicinal purposes will have a widespread impact on Thailand’s public health system; public policy for regulating the use of cannabis extracts for medicinal purposes is essential. Especially for the development of the country’s public health system as well. It can be said that Public policies related to cannabis use must be clear on the public health system. Ready to take responsibility for the health impacts that may arise from the implementation of such policies. The scope of this public health policy must cover related policies such as social policy—economic policy, etc. The success of this public policy depends on several important factors, including

  1. Clear goals to specify the objectives of public policy implementation that Clear control over the use of mushroom edibles. It is necessary to rely on the completeness of all information (Totality of Evidence), such as clinical research evidence (Research), scientific knowledge (Knowledge), experience from other countries as a base (Experience) and integrate it with the context of Thai society (Local Context). ) makes policy forming the use of marijuana for medical purposes in a manner Evidence-informed Policy-making This will let you know the appropriate relief level. To prevent discrepancies that may arise from misunderstandings, It also reduces the risk of failure when implementing the policy.
  2. Public administration (Health Politics and Actions), which includes The regulatory system for the use of potluck edibles budget allocation, Support the implementation of policies appropriately, such as the budget for disbursement of marijuana drugs under social security rights, etc.
  3. Availability of Public Health Resources, which includes the human resources and relevant agencies responsible for it, there must be a potential national CBD kaufen central authority directly responsible for the regulatory system. To provide mechanisms to control, examine, and evaluate the implementation of the cannabis policy appropriately and adequately and ensure that the objectives of the effective and efficient use of medical cannabis are achieved. It also requires cooperation from personnel with knowledge and abilities in other fields such as academics, public health personnel. Modern medicine, folk medicine or alternative medicine, etc.
  4. Must receive good public support (Community Health Issues) The word “public” here means to include All citizens must participate for the system to move forward together. People will support a policy; the policy must be consistent with their attitudes, values, fundamentals, ideas, and understanding. The needs of the people and the way of the community, which is the speed of sending and receiving information through communication technology in the modern era. It shows that the mass media is an important mechanism that affects perception. Public understanding includes determining the values ​​of people in society; therefore, the development of communication personnel to have the correct knowledge and understanding before presenting the news to the public. It could be a good sign for unity to communicate and drive public policy on the effective use of CBD kaufen extracts for medicinal benefits.

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